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We need real estate for our foreign clients and investors

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Passionate about our work.


We are transparent.


We are serious.


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"Our passion, the real estate world and Digital Marketing, make a combination aimed at success"

“Transparency and professionalism are two characteristics of our work”

Ester García Alemany

+34 672 275 147


- Business Studies

- Master in Real Estate Advice and Consulting (UB)

- Master in Digital Marketing (UOC)

- Master in Multimedia Applications (UOC)

- MBA (Euroinnova)

- Postgraduate in Ecommerce (Seeway)

- Master in Foreign Trade and International Relations (Inforem)

We are part of MLS AGORA and AICAT GARRAF (FAI)


What is an MLS?

MLS is a professional real estate cooperation system, it means MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE or Multiple Contracting Service, the real estate agents of an area come together for the benefit of their clients. It is an effective grouping of buying, selling and renting real estate.

The owner signs a multiple sale or rental management contract with a real estate agency: Shared Exclusive or Multi-exclusive.

The real estate agent that represents the owner shares the sale or rental management with the rest of the MLS groups that will work with him to bring the buyer or tenant.

The MLS system comes from the USA for more than 100 years, it is fully operational in several countries: France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Peru and in Spain since 1999, currently in Spain there are 112 groups that work with the MLS system.

What is Agora MLS?

AGORA MLS is the most proactive business MLS in Spain, we are at the forefront in the management of the MLS system in Spain with more than 20 years of experience. We are the reference MLS in Spain.

We have 3 divisions:

AGORA MLS REAL ESTATE GROUP: Specialized in the purchase and sale of residential.

AGORA MLS RENT. Specialized in residential rental.

AGORA MLS BUYERS AGENT: Specialized in working for the buyer or investor.

We are directly present in 33 provinces in Spain and through collaborations with other networks. We are the only real estate organization with real coverage in the 50 provinces. At this moment we are 500 grouped with more than 3,000 professionals.

Why is it better to buy or sell with a real estate agency grouped with AGORA MLS?

Buying, selling, renting, anyone can do it, but DOING IT WELL IS ANOTHER STORY.

To do it well, it is necessary to have good professionals at the forefront of modern business techniques, tools, services and technology, true experts in their markets and above all who truly look after the interests of the client.

It is better to be in good company than alone, the professionals who work in the agencies grouped in AGORA MLS have a plus in relation to their competence in training, services, tools, actions in the market, collaboration with the competition for the benefit of the client.

AGORA MLS makes 45 services available to its members to help them provide excellent work for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.


The Association of Real Estate Agents of Garraf, AICAT GARRAF, is a non-profit association that was created with the aim of welcoming and providing services to the maximum number of real estate agents in the Garraf region, with the intention of collaborating in our day-to-day , to improve all aspects of our sector, sharing products, training, technology, experience and procedures, to increase the effectiveness of our services, improve professionalism, to be a forum where all questions and doubts in the sector are opened, through a strict Code of Ethics and the creation of a shared real estate market.

The most important project of AICAT GARRAF is to create a shared real estate exchange system, a shared sale system among all members, through a powerful and innovative computer system, with which members share information about properties for sale, and work together to Give a better service to sellers and buyers, ensuring accuracy in the information, professionalism and collaboration between members, which causes operations to be carried out quickly and calmly.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property, you need to come to the right place. Our system provides our members with more detailed information than can usually be found on the web. About the product for sale, as well as statistics on the variation of prices and sales values.

We invite you to use the services of AICat Garraf and our members.

The opinion of our clients

26. Julio, 2022.
Es un placer contar con Alemany Real Estate como colaboradores habituales. La profesionalidad y el buen hacer es el estandarte de la empresa, transparentes y honestos donde los haya. Gracias Ester.
Global Rental Holidays
Global Rental Holidays
17. Marzo, 2022.
Intentamos ser serios con nuestros colaboradores, queremos que transmitan lo mismo que transmitimos nosotros: Honestidad, transparencia y eficacia. La verdad es que no podríamos tener mejor colaborador que la empresa que regenta la fantástica Ester. Por favor, no cambies
Jaume Domènech i Ticó
Jaume Domènech i Ticó
17. Marzo, 2022.
Gente transparente y honrada. Han cumplido con todo lo que me explicaron, son responsables, honestos y grandes profesionales. Os traeré más propiedades para que sigamos trabajando!!!!!!
albert pare
albert pare
17. Marzo, 2022.
Me solicionaron 2 tramites y un problema al comprar el piso. Gracias por vuestro conocimiento y ayuda.
Francisco Martín
Francisco Martín
3. Enero, 2022.
100% recomendable! Tal y como habían prometido gestionaron y vendieron mi terreno en un tiempo mas que aceptable, la forma de operar de esta agencia me parece de lo mas original y efectiva, vendieron mi terreno ya con un proyecto de vivienda realizado por parte de sus colaboradores constructores.
Inmovalia Group
Inmovalia Group
3. Enero, 2022.
Muy agradecido por los servicios prestados por parte de Ester, consiguieron vender mi casa en tres meses como habían prometido y con un porcentaje mucho mas bajo frente a otras agencias que nos habían contactado, 10% recomendable!
Enrique BG
Enrique BG
14. Julio, 2021.
Excelentes profesionales

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